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ProFood Tech Conference Program Tracks and Sessions

Tracks & Sessions
Tracks & Sessions

ProFood Tech Conference Program Tracks and Sessions

Concurrent Sessions are organized into five tracks, a Master Series and Tech Talks offering a sequence of provocative sessions presented by business strategists, experts, innovators and trendsetters who will challenge you with ideas and approaches that expand your thinking. 

Master Series

A sequence of provocative sessions presented by business strategists, experts, innovators, trendsetters and pioneers who will challenge you with ideas and approaches that expand your thinking.

Lynn Dornblaser, Mintel
What Consumers Really Eat

Steve Lerch

Steve Lerch, Google
Innovation and the Digital Marketing Evolution

Eddie Yoon

Eddie Yoon, The Cambridge Group
Using Data to Harness the Power of Superconsumers



Regulations & Food Safety

The regulations and food safety sessions will focus on providing current information on new federal food safety and testing regulations, new technologies to fight foodborne illnesses and better ways to communicate with the public about food safety.


Concurrent Sessions:

  • Food Safety Modernization Act Implementation: Preventive Controls Enforcement – Late Breaking News
  • Separating Fact from Fiction: The Truth about Food Safety Risks
  • The Global Food Safety Initiative: Is it Working for You?
  • The War on Listeria
  • Whole Genome Sequencing, Part I: The Science Behind the Technology
  • Whole Genome Sequencing, Part II: Regulatory Implications  



Consumer Trends & Marketing Track

The consumer trends and marketing sessions reveal the latest research on consumer habits, desires and trends. Leading consumer experts will discuss the impact of generational shifts in attitude, evolving eating habits, new shopping patterns and issues of consumer trust. They’ll also explore the most effective ways to connect with today’s consumers.


Concurrent Sessions:

  • Beyond the Aisle: Strategies for Earning Shopper Loyalty in Today’s Virtual Marketplace
  • Changes in the World of Food and Health Towards 2025
  • Essential Ingredients for Building Stronger Consumer Relationships: Trends and Trust
  • Innovation and the Digital Marketing Evolution
  • The Generation Game: Playing to Win the Most Customers
  • What Consumers Really Eat



Food Processing and Technology Track

The food processing and technology sessions will discuss innovative packaging options, resource management and conservation, digital modernization, new product development and best sanitation practices. From 3-D printing to the Internet of Things, these sessions will show where the future of food processing and manufacturing is headed.


Concurrent Sessions:

  • Breakout Innovations in Packaging & Technology
  • Food Plant of the Future: Are You Ready for New Technology?
  • Food Plant of the Future: Running on The Internet of Things
  • Innovative Foods: Science Fiction or Next Big Hit
  • Resource Efficiency: The Path to a Sustainable and Profitable Plant
  • Water Management vs. Efficiency and Profitability in Food Manufacturing



Business and Leadership Development Track

The business and leadership development sessions will provide emerging solutions for workforce recruitment and management, as well as new tools to help with strategic financial planning, purchasing, efficiency improvement and cyber security.


Concurrent Sessions:

  • Flexible Design: Building for Tomorrow
  • Millennials and Generation Z: Are You Ready?
  • The Psychology of Values-Based Decision Making
  • Using Data to Harness the Power of Superconsumers
  • Waste Not, Want Not: Reducing Waste for Profitable and Sustainable Operations



Tech TalksTech Talks

Dive deeper into ways to improve your operations.



  • Advancing Sanitary Design
  • Aseptic Processing of Pulp and Particulates
  • Can Municipal Water Regulations Prevent Cross-Contamination in Processing Plants?
  • Explore the Frontier of the Digital Food Industry
  • Food for the 1% Movement and What it Means for Agriculture
  • Non-Thermal Processing  Technologies
  • The Quest for Optimum Sanitation



Tech Talks


OpX Leadership Network


  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness: Improve Your Business Operations
  • Total Cost of Ownership: A Better Way to Purchase Capital Goods
  • Workforce Engagement: Protect Your Most Important Asset
  • Worker Safety Solutions