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Invite Customers and Prospects to ProFood Tech

Customer Invite Program
Customer Invite Program

Invite Customers and Prospects to ProFood Tech

The Customer Invite Program (CIP) is a free and convenient resource that allows you to:

  • Offer customers and prospects complimentary registration. Registration requirements apply.*
  • Track who registers using your comp code so you can follow up with them.
  • Drive traffic to your booth and get more qualified leads.

Method #1: Sharing Your Comp Code

Every exhibitor receives a unique code for complimentary registration, intended for you to share with your end-user customers and prospects.* Comp Codes are e-mailed to the Show Contact we have on file for your company. 

To share your comp code, you can:

  1. Give it directly to as many customers as you like. Your marketing and sales team can share the code however you choose. Customers and prospects simply type in the code when they register and the badge fee is waived.

  2. Use our Web Banner Ad Tool to create customized web banners. This tool generates graphics that include a built-in link to ProFood Tech Registration —perfect for your website and e-marketing initiatives. Your customers simply click or tap on the image to claim free registration with your comp code!

  3. Print customized Comp Code Passes promoting your booth number and comp code. Your on-the-road sales teams can hand out these passes at customer visits.

  4. Use a pre-written message template to invite your guests. Go to the Comp Code Central tab on your registration profile to preview the message. Individually enter your customers’ contact information and click Invite My Guests.

Track Your Comp Code Leads

Simply log in to your company account to obtain a current list of registrants that have used your company’s comp code. It’s that easy! You’ll know who to expect to see at ProFood Tech and can follow up with them or arrange appointments for them, if you wish.



Method #2: Exhibitor Invites

Exhibitor Invites email system will create, schedule and send up to three customized marketing emails on your behalf with a link to complimentary registration to your customers and prospects. The program provides:

  • Full customer service support
  • Unique template customization
  • Complete security for your e-mail list (using a third-party bonded e-mail distribution service)
  • Quick and easy, four-step process
  • Automatic lead tracking so you know who’s coming


* Registration Requirements: Complimentary registration is valid for online pre-registration only; not valid on-site. Expires April 3, 2017. Complimentary registration is intended for use by end-user, retailer and contract packager registrants. Non-exhibiting suppliers and distributors are required to pay standard attendance fees. A non-exhibiting supplier is defined as anyone who sells packaging/processing/converting equipment and/or anyone who’s primary product is packaging containers or materials, supplies, automation, or other services. A distributor is defined as a professional who resells packaging/processing/converting equipment/supplies.