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Important Insights on High Pressure Processing

Cold Pressure Council

Important Insights on High Pressure Processing

Cold Pressure CouncilRegister today for the 2019 Cold Pressure Council Annual Conference (March 26-27, 2019) held during ProFood Tech. This conference is focused on research, benefits and trends around High Pressure Processing.

This event will feature HPP best practices, the latest market trends, packaging material insights, new HPP uses and tips for packaging HPP products.  The registration rate is only $495 and you can add this conference through the ProFood Tech registration process.

Tuesday, March 26 – Wednesday, March 27

  • HPP best practices and research
  • Market trends and tips for HPP products
  • Insights from leading food processing experts  

Check back for details to include topic descriptions and speakers!

The Cold Pressure Council leads, facilitates and promotes industry standardization, user education and consumer awareness of High Pressure Processing.